Thursday, September 18, 2014

Called This as My First Experience

How does it feel when you do a job that you really like? It's fun, right?! Yeah, that's what I feel right now. Recently, I got a new job it has been a couple months. Still, teaching as an English teacher but the students that I was taught were difference. My students this time were Chinese. Yeah, for the first time when I started to teach them I was so nervous because we had a different culture. I had to adapt with them, yeah I  used my first week to make some approaches with them. Digging up what they liked, finding out the materials that they needed etc. Because that was my probation week. Hehe. You know that teaching kids we have to keep their good moods in order they can keep following our lesson. If we destroy their good moods, we will face some obstacles and we have to make their moods come back soon. Well, being a teacher is not easy, we have to make our students understand what we have been already taught and, for the bonus, they can earn the perfect score.
This is my first experience teaching a foreign students, and it's very challenging. I have to make adaptation with the Singapore curriculum. Our country has a different point of view for the materials that has been used in the curriculum with the Singapore. That's why I regard my teaching experience this time is so challenging. Besides, I have to adapt with their culture, I have adapt with their curriculum. Great! I really like my job this time. Every time, I have to push my brain to think. Making a plan, preparing for the worksheets, and thinking how to make the lesson fun. That's the three things that I have to prepare before I start to teach. Hehe though, sometimes I got stressed when I didn't find the match materials for teaching.
So far, I still can handle all the obstacles since I  can learn a lot from it. I'm glad inasmuch as  becoming their teacher for couple months they can accept me very well. The culture problem between us is no longer a big deal.. Alhamdulillah

You know being a teacher is insisting you to study harder. Thus, it's another way to make yourself smarter because you can't be foolish in front of your students, right?! Haha
Keep practicing, studying and keep listening...

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