Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Indonesia Pusaka Became Balonku Ada Lima? (How terrible it is!)

Did you know that I'm so terrible in singing? Honestly, I hate a lot when people asked me to sing a song. I don't have any good voice, so I'd love to sing just for myself. ha ha
Well, maybe that's sound weird but that's true. I don't really like it, and I have a tragic story about singing in front of the class. It happened few years ago.....
This tragedy happened when I was in the third class in Elementary School. One day, my teacher asked all of the students to play an instrument, and sing in front of the class. Most of student in my class was so happy to hear that task as a final test, but not me. Play an instrument wasn't a big deal, but the other one - SING IN FRONT OF THE CLASS ! Lord, I have no idea about this. I have to sing in front of the class - watching whole people there, come on, are kidding me?
My teacher didn't give me any choices, I really have to sing. At the time, I started with practiced piano, I practiced very hard. The song that I would play was "Mengheningkan Cipta", but I still confused to choose what song that I would to sing. Finally, I chose "Indonesia Pusaka" as a song that I would sing at the test. Almost everyday I spent my time to practice. Honestly, I was afraid if I forgot the musical notes, but the biggest fear was singing. I didn't know why I felt so nervous if someone asked me to sing in front of many people.
The day came, my teacher began calling the student one by one. Then my turn came, she called my name. And I went to my teacher's desk with brought my keyboard. The nervous came but I still able to control it. My teacher praised my play, afterward she asked me to sing. I said, "Okay mam". I walked to the front of the class, unexpected feeling came - the nervous controlled me. I couldn't to handle it. I tried to start singing, I could sing the first lyric very well. But the next lyrics, Oh my God ! I forgot the next lyrics, totally forgot. I couldn't remember it. But I kept hard to remember it, I repeated the first lyric. However it didn't work and I gave up. I decided to change the song. Because the remarkable nervous, the song that I've got left in my head only the legendary song - Balonku Ada Lima. That's really really tragic, I didn't have any choices. Finally, I sang the legendary song with low-pitch-voiced. It's really embarrassing. But luckily, none of my friends heard what song that I sang. ha ha ha
If I remember this tragic story how come "Indonesia Pusaka" become "Balonku Ada Lima". It was a tragicomedy story in my life.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I called it "annoyance" haha!

Do you ever feel being underestimated by people? How does it feel?
Angry?, Annoy?, maybe those can portray your feeling, because I feel the same as you.
Some of people in my life always underestimate with the major that I take, uh! I hate that.
When I met someone then he asked me, "What major do you take?" I said proudly "E. Dept".
Then you know what? he showed such expression that I hated so much. And then he asked again "Why don't you take the engineering major or medical major?".
*Oooohh God!, I really really hate such question like this, could they not to interfere with my decision?. It's my own decision, please appreciate!
Sometimes, I wonder with all questions like that, what are they thinking about this major? Does it something wrong? huh?!
If you have the question same as those questions, go to HELL ! ha ha *so mean!
You never know what do we exactly learn about. We learn many things, more than you imagine.
Without us, you never can communicate with other people. You never can say " I LOVE YOU" to your beloved person, you never know that 1+1=2. Have ever thought about that?

Maybe that's only all my felling that always being underestimated when somebody asked about my major. But if we see in the real life, it often happens. Always underestimate somebody that we think his position is lower than us, or he's not smarter than we are so we often underestimate him.
Hey, don't you realize how much time that you spend with it? don't you?!
Just now, take care your own business.
If you don't want being underestimated by people, start from yourself not to underestimate anybody.
If you want being respected by people, start from yourself to respect them.
Because you never know how does it like until you feel it by yourself.

Question, Lesson, Expectation, Thankfulness...

When I opened my eyes in the morning, I always thought about something. "Can I see the beautiful morning every day? Ah, who knows." That’s only a question and I didn’t really want an answer. I just wanted to send this cosmic question out into the void.
I started the day with full of expectations, “What will happen today?” I wondered and expected that something good would happen. Because sometimes I wondered about my life, "I lead a small life. Well, valuable but small… I love my life."
Formerly, I always regretted if I met someone that hurt me. I always wished that I never met such people like that. If I could turned back the time, I chose not to know them. But I was wrong, I ought to give my thank to them. I realized that they were taking the important part in my life. They have taught me being a tough woman and taught me being a better person than yesterday.
I learned valuable lesson from my grandpa (RIP) and an elder woman. I met her in a hospital. She told me about her story life. She has taught me about courage, about spirit. She still have an unbelievable spirit in her age to take care of her family. I think her spirit that she has same as her grandson has. She amazes me and changes me. I am very lucky having a chance to meet her in that hospital at that time.

People come and go in my life..

Before it's too late..I have to realize that every day must be a special day, so I never want to miss each moment in a day because I will never find the same moments that happened today in the later times. I never want to miss each moment with my dad, my mom, my older brother, my grandma, my beloved person, and all my friends
Maybe I haven't done something good for them but I always try to. In the time that I've got left, I just want to make them happy. Only want to see them always happy....

I don't know why do I write such a thing like this...this only my questions, expectations, thankfulness..